All the data provided on this website is compiled and collated from various government sources, Central as well as State, and also includes State and Central Regulatory Commissions and other Government Institutions such as the Central Electricity Authority, Solar Energy Corporation of India etc. Further, the data was largely taken from publicly available information such as publications of the various government departments and agencies or from their websites.

However, in some cases, data has been derived or assumed. These have been clearly footnoted in the respective sections along with the formula that have been used for the purpose. In some cases, we have clearly stated, that the numbers could be “indicative” and would be updated, as and when, the actual data is available in public domain.

Since the information available on this website covers all sources of electricity generation, there are some data points that are common, irrespective of the source of generation, such as geographical information, district water levels, air quality index taken from State and Central Pollution Control Board’s monitoring stations.

Further, data on the power sector is available from various authorities and agencies such as the Ministry of Power, Government of India, Central Electricity Authority, Power Systems Operations Corporation Limited (POSOCO), Solar Energy Corporation of India (SECI), Ministry of New and Renewable Energy and so on. Therefore, to ensure uniformity of information, we tried to source information as far as possible from only Central Electricity Authority (CEA) for information on thermal power and a combination of data from CEA and SECI for information on Renewable Energy. However, we have tried to validate the authenticity of information we have used from other sources wherever possible.