The long-term objective of the initiative is that India embarks on an economically and environmentally sustainable pathway that allows India to transition away from coal and fossil fuels in its energy mix to the greatest extent possible and feasible, and at a level greater than envisaged presently among official energy policy circles. This would also enable India to embrace an energy transition pathway that would contribute to meeting the goals of the Paris Agreement.

The medium term objectives of the project are :

  • Create a comprehensive database on India’s electricity generation landscape
  • Through the database, build awareness on various facets of the current landscape of electricity generation in India
  • Provide insights on to the electricity generation pathway that will be most ideal for India from all aspects, such as technical, economical, social and environmental
  • Provide information to the banking community to assess electricity generation project financing
  • Provide insights to the Government on formulation of India’s future “nationally determined contribution”, from a power generation standpoint.

The short term objectives of the project are:

  • Comprehensively evaluate the risks of and explore the possibility of converting old and inefficient conventional power plants to renewable energy generating plants
  • To inform policy dialogue and decision making with an in-depthanalysis about the functioning of thermal power plants in India