Vasudha Power Info Hub seeks to bring together comprehensive, integrated, historical and current data and offer insightful analysis on India’s Power Sector, in an effort to provide impetus to energy transition in India and move towards a greener future.

The platform endorses data availability and transparency and provides the user with a holistic view of the sector by analysing the various aspects of generation, transmission and demand of power in India, each of these sections is covered comprehensively with a cohesive approach to assist the users in gathering relevant information to support their respective areas of work. An open-source knowledge platform with a dynamic and interactive interface that promotes ease of use and accessibility for researchers, policy makers, investors and other stakeholders. The various segments of the portal attempt to cover granular as well as consolidated aspects of publicly available information gathered from credible and official sources. The details of the derivations and assumptions made can be accessed in the methodology section.

The power sources and power plant database gives the users access to in-depth and up to date information on conventional and renewable sources of power generation which include coal, hydro, wind, solar, oil & gas, biomass & co-gen, nuclear, small-hydro, decentralized mini-grids and storage. This includes, operational, non-operational, shutdown and proposed power plants and projects in the country undertaken by the public and private sector.

Analytics section enables the users to to compare and analyse parameters across the various verticals of the power sector value chain by showcasing a diverse range of factors such as performance, financial, socio-economic, air quality, water availability and sustainability. Covering cross-sectoral issues and connecting the various aspects of the power sector in an integrated manner aids the efficient and easy use of the otherwise vast and disaggregated data available across multiple sources.

Through this platform we strive to support the power sector in its endeavour to embark upon an economically and environmentally sustainable pathway that allows India to transition away from fossil fuels and towards renewable energy. We hope that this platform will help in influencing key decisions and facilitating the achievement of India’s NDC Targets.